It’s time for a change.

Over the last year I took a big step and started writing a blog to share what I know about entrepreneurship and business. I did what I tell others to do, just do it. It has been wonderful in helping me to formulate my thoughts out loud and to recognize how much I learn in everyday life that applies to business.  My blog, for lack of a better name, was titled the “entrepreneurial guru” and was a wonderful placeholder while I figured out what really authentically represents me. Well, 81 posts or so later, it’s time for a change as I finally came up with the name that I will be moving forward with. In thinking about my business and what I am trying to achieve, I focused on the fact that it isn’t just one person that provides the entrepreneurial spirit, advice, business lessons, or knowledge to be an entrepreneur.  It is collaborative effort amongst everyone that helps us to find something within and the ability to find our entrepreneurial voice.  And so it is, with great excitement, that I have chosen the name Entrepreneurial Voice to represent the work I do.

Shortly this blog will close down as content is transferred to the Entrepreneurial Voice. I will send you the link as soon as it is established. I hope you will follow me there and continue to learn, share, and participate in the entrepreneurial journey we are all going on. xo, jan


A while back I wrote a post about my experience with Urth, the cafe that never delivered my sandwich!  Urth was apologetic, and In all fairness, the manager did tell me the next time I ordered, he wouldn’t charge me for delivery.

Yesterday, I made the decision to order again and have my lunch delivered for my daughter and myself,  She loves the chili with crusty bread and I was excited to try the greek salad.  So I placed my order, but felt it was too long ago to bring anything up about what I was promised and not promised. Besides, I couldn’t even remember the manager’s name.

Eagerly I awaited my order, and, 45 minutes later, thankfully, this time, lunch arrived at my office.  Looking through the order though, I noticed the crusty bread was missing.  What is chili without bread?  The delivery guy just looked dumbfounded when I inquired. My first thought as he stood there waving the charge slip at me to quickly sign so he could get back to his illegally parked car, was to give my signature and add the customary tip.  But this time I decided to make a stand.  The bread was a part of the meal. I paid for the bread. I did not get the bread.  I could accept this and forever be upset about the situation, maybe never frequent the cafe again, OR, I could hold them accountable, give them the opportunity to make the situation right and see what kind of stuff they were made of. I decided on the later.  I told the delivery guy I would pay for the order when he delivered the bread. I called the manager and politely explained the situation, referencing the past experience as well. He apologized and said they would send someone out to deliver the bread. I figured they would never come (especially since I’m about 4 miles away and parking is difficult at best) and just accept they lost money on that order, but to my big surprise, they delivered the bread in less than 15 minutes.  This wasn’t just a slice of bread, but nearly a loaf, and in addition, they delivered a beautiful fruit tart for dessert!  Now that is service and I’m renewed on my love of the cafe and can only sing their praises.  Most of us want to do the right thing.  I’m glad I gave them the opportunity to change my impression and make me want to continue to do business with them and recommend them to others.  What would you have done?

xo, jan

An update

In my last post, I described the chaos that permeated my life for the last several months (years). It took the last month to finally see daylight, (hence no posts since my last one) but my chaos has finally ended.  Well, that’s not entirely true. I still have much to do to put everything back in its place, but I am happy to report that my attitude change helped me to clean up, clear out, declutter, and organize everything so that when 18 family members came for Thanksgiving holidays, not only was I able to host the dinner, but house many guests in what truly felt like was a HOME again for the first time in two years.  The pain of what I went through has already subsided.  The lesson here is to ride the storm, take action, even if it is just a little action, and eventually you will get through it with a smile.