Watching this video reminds me that anything is possible.  Human nature tends to set limits on ourselves and think there are things we can’t accomplish, and yet this masterful artist reminds us that anything is definitely possible, if we set our mind to it or create an illusion.  Be the one that has others gaping at what you have accomplished with wide-eyed astonishment.   ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!

xo, jan



One thing that people may not know about me is that I’m really really good at getting out stains.  (That doesn’t mean that I want everyone coming to me for stain removal tips!) but I am the queen stain master!  I’ve honed my skills too, so that I know what works best for certain kind of stains and fabrics and I pride myself on the fact that I’ve never met a stain I couldn’t obliterate.  So imagine my utter frustration when in the span of two months, I actually had two separate pieces of clothing that I could not remove the stain.  I used every trick I knew. and finally, finally, I had to say, “enough is enough.”  I had to give up. Sometimes we have to recognize that something is bigger than we are and that the time and effort we are spending on that particular task is simply not worth it.  So if you see me walking around with little drips of chocolate on my cotton knit dress, you will know that this is the reminder that sometimes we have to let go and move forward to something else.

xo, jan


sometimes we receive a gift when we least expect it. this morning i woke up to this beautiful bloom.  a bloom i’ve waited for since may, when i first received this gardenia bush as a gift from my daughter. gardenias are my favorite flower and are symbolic of my roots in the south, and a tie to my parents whom i miss very much. unexpected gifts give us hope and a look toward the future. xo, jan




You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?” No, not as seen in the movie, Dirty Harry when Clint Eastwood asks a punk that question, but LUCKY as in seeing opportunities and creating your own luck.  I think I have shared one of my favorite quotes before, (ok, I have lots of favorite quotes!) but “The harder you work, the luckier you get” seems apropos for this post today.

LUCK happens when you seize opportunities that present themselves.

LUCK happens when you have the vision and the instinct to recognize that you can make something happen out of a situation and turn it into an opportunity.

LUCK happens when you keep your eyes open.

LUCK happens when you raise your expectations.

LUCK happens when you say out loud what you want.

LUCK happens when you take action.

LUCK happens when you show up.

LUCK happens when you ask for what you want.

LUCK happens when you believe in your dream.

LUCK happens when you work hard and never never never ever give up.

I got involved with Ladies Who Launch because I jumped on the opportunity as soon as it presented itself. LUCK happens when you take action

I got the opportunity to become the host of my own TV show because LUCK happens when you say out loud what you want and when you ask for what you want.

I had incredible things happen in my life because LUCK happens when you show up and it enabled me to make some incredible contacts AND friends who I treasure as part of my work or life every single day.

You can make this day and everyday, your lucky day! And when someone asks, “DO YOU FEEL LUCKY?” you can say,  “DAMN STRAIGHT I DO!”

xo, jan


This is more than a story about eggs.

First, I’m trying to figure out how to include a link, (don’t think it is working) but please copy and paste or whatever you need to do so you can also read my friend Philippa’s blog about eggs.

And then second, there’s more than one story about eggs.

Reading my friend Philippa’s blog, I was reminded when my husband and I went to Ojai last summer to celebrate our wedding anniversary and marveled at the beauty and simplicity of such a quaint area.  Little did I know that while I was there, I would be thinking about business and who has the BEST eggs!

During our stay, we tasted wine from the local winery, visited the antique stores, and shopped at the little boutiques.  (Well, I did. He patiently waited nearby while I tried on a variety of shoes!) We also visited the largest outdoor bookstore that relies on the honor system when paying for books and toured the beautiful grounds of the hotel we were staying at.  Life was grand!

At dinner, we ran into friends who invited me to come to breakfast the next morning while my husband played golf.  They told me that afterwards we would go to the local farmer’s market to buy the “BEST farm fresh organic eggs ever!”.  Breakfast went on much longer than we anticipated as we shared conversation and enjoyed fabulous tea and delicious homemade marmalade.  But one of the friends was antsy as he reiterated that we needed to go to the farmers market or the eggs would be gone.  Sure enough, we got there too late (at 9:30 am) as a tall twin of “Owen Wilson” informed us that there were no more eggs!  My friend was so disappointed!   He questioned exactly what time the eggs ran out (8:15) and pondered how he would make it till the following week without his eggs.  I was ready to comment that there were several other vendors with plenty of farm fresh organic eggs when I noticed the homemade sign on the table that read,

EGGS $ 6.49 a dozen

Yep, our eggs are expensive, but they are worth it

Other vendors were charging around $ 4.25 a dozen and seemed to still have plenty of eggs, so I couldn’t help but ask the “Owen twin”, “What makes your eggs so special”?  He smiled wide and said, ” We sing to our chickens!  Oh yeah, the eggs are organic and the chickens have free range (really free to range as we do have lots of property) and we feed them right.   But, we have happy birds!  You see, we have a girl that comes in every night and sings them a good night song.  They love it and they lay great eggs with large yellow yolks.  We recycle our cartons and if you will notice, here is a picture of one of our happy birds.  Happy birds lay the BEST eggs!”  Well, all I can say is that I was SOLD!  Who wouldn’t want these eggs?

So the question you have to ask yourself is, “What is my story?” and “Do I have the best eggs?” We all have a secret sauce and it’s time to start singing or figuring out what makes your product or service so special.

xo, jan


The last few days in LA have been hotter than hot. The kind of hot that keeps everyone talking about it but not necessarily doing anything about it.   The kind of hot where all you want to do is find a cool drink and a nice breeze, and perhaps shade somewhere so you can just sit and do nothing. Sometimes my business feels hotter than hot.  I find it difficult to muster up energy to do anything.  I just want to find a cool drink, and a nice breeze, and perhaps shade somewhere so I can just sit and do nothing. However, when we get into that lethargic mindset, we lose momentum and need something to jump start us again. Because as we know, if you aren’t taking action, you aren’t growing. So, in those moments of hotter than hot, try to think of just one itsy bitsy thing you can do that will get you feeling reenergized and productive again.  For me, I wrote this blog with a great big tall glass of lemonade and ice tea to sip on.

IF YOU are going through HELL, keep going………by Winston Churchill

I’ve got a lot on my plate.  As I try to juggle all that is going on, it seems I’m destined to have a lot of things go wrong.  Driving back from an event tonight, the traffic was backed up from who knows what, and I just kept thinking of all I had to do and all the things that had gone wrong the last two days.  Nothing earth shattering, but a series of things that I kept having to take care of.  The “I take three steps forward and four steps back” syndrome kept creeping in and it just seemed like it would never end. “I feel like I’m going through hell”, I said to myself in utter frustration!  Locked in the traffic jam without an alternative, I realized as the wise Winston Churchill once said, ” If you are going through hell, keep going.” that I too would just keep going and eventually the traffic would end, the problems would work themselves out, the plate wouldn’t be so full.   As an entrepreneur, we are faced with going through hell often enough. But if we keep plugging along, we will find we can get through just about anything. I had much to be thankful for and would focus on what was going right. Today my good friend Caren helped me (thanks Caren!) make my blog page a little more exciting (I think) with a new banner and hopefully with a bit more tweaking, we can figure out how to remove the surfer dude picture and add something a little more reflective of who and what I stand for. Hope you like the changes!

xo, jan