Somehow, and I don’t know how, my posts stopped going to my FB page.  It was frustrating and I’m embarrassed to tell you how many hours I spent trying to figure out how to make the post appear, or even to find the place on my page where it even let me say something to the effect, “I want this to post to FB”, especially considering it was such an easy thing to do.  We aren’t talking complicated programming here. I almost sent out an SOS to friends and even foes if that’s what it took, because normally a calm kind of person, I was ready to THROW my computer out the window! I could not figure out how to make it work!  I stopped, listened to my new favorite song, “Keep Breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson, smelled my “Wonderful Day” aromatherapy given to me by my new, old, (not in age) BBF, WM and then I did something very unusual. I sat down and actually read the directions. And it worked!  I fixed it myself! All by myself! And I was so proud!

I told my daughter who usually gets so frustrated with me when I’m technically challenged, often for the same tasks she has helped me with repeatedly, and she smiled and said how wonderful that I did it myself, and she was so proud of me. (kid talking to mom:-) .  I smiled back, but told her not to get any bright ideas.  Just because I figured it out once, I still wanted her to help me and save me time on the next occasion!

The lesson is, we are really far more capable of things than we realize. sometimes….

xo, jan



Out of the mouths of babes…

A 17 year old skateboard designer who created his own company and developed his own manufacturing plant in his back garage said something really profound.  He said, “I fall down a lot, I get hurt, and I get back up again.”  In a world where we are quick to give up as soon as we get hurt or get scared, these words struck a nerve. No one told this kid he could give up.  Yeah, it was uncomfortable, it hurt, but he got back up again.  He also said that he built about 71 different prototypes.  At least 12 of those broke and didn’t work.  You have to keep trying.  Take a lesson from the youth.  They are pretty smart.

xo, jan


I have to do that thing that none of us wants to talk about unless our name is Katie Couric.  You know, a ummm, ah, a um a, colonoscopy. Nothing is wrong, it’s just that time in my life or age rather when they say, ok, let’s do this thing.  I don’t want to. I’ve heard the horrible stories about what you have to drink and (don’t worry, I’m not going to go into the graphic details or show you a video like Katie did) discuss all the other unpleasantries that go along with it.  But I don’t want to do the colonoscopy.  But the fact of the matter is, my health is important to me and I do believe in prevention, at least theoretically and if I can still have a little bit of chocolate, wine or french fries every now and then, I’m good.  So I scheduled my colonoscopy for TUE, September 4th, kicking and screaming a little bit, but I did it.  And today, I started feeling kind of health conscious. I even went and bought my first real green drink after my 2 mile walk.  Pretty proud of myself.  While I was waiting in line for my Green Drink, I got a call from the Dr’s office.  Just wanting to make sure I knew what to do before my big visit.  HUH?! There’s more than the yucky stuff I have to drink the night before starting at 6pm? Yep, starting today I can’t have grapes, (“What?!, they are healthy?!!), no fresh tomatoes, popcorn, beans, nuts, seeds, or green peas. (ok, I dont’ like green peas anyway) And, on Monday, Labor Day, I can only have clear liquids after 7 am before my big day on TUE.  Wow,  so much for a festive Labor Day!

But it got me to thinking.  Of course I don’t want to do the yucky stuff when it comes to my health.  It’s not fun, I have to make sacrifices, but it is important to my health, my overall well-being, and without my health, I’m down and out.  So I will do what I have to do.  But what about your business?  Are you doing the hard stuff to make your business grow? Are you putting systems in place to be more efficient? Are you making the sales calls you need to make to make sales? Are you keeping track of your receipts and inventory.  Are you updating outdated practices and products? Are you learning what you need to learn to stay fresh, and informed? Are you getting regular check-ups on your business and staying true with what is important to you? Are you taking care of your business? Of course that’s not the fun part!  Sometimes it costs money and it isn’t covered by insurance.  It takes time away from our jam packed, overloaded schedule and we don’t know if we really need it. But taking care of our business is just as important as taking care of our health.  If we don’t address the health of our body or the health of our company, we might not have a body or company to worry about. So schedule whatever you need to keep you healthy, in life or business, and know that in the bigger scheme of things, everything and you will be better off!

xo, jan

I Finally Did It!

For at least a year I’ve been hearing about this fabulous website called Task Rabbit. Task Rabbit vets out any number of  individuals that can complete tasks for you that you are unable to complete for yourself, don’t want to complete or don’t have time to complete.  Which ever way you look at it, you need help. What makes Task Rabbit preferable, is it is very automated and relatively easy to get started, and all the rabbits are vetted out as opposed to sites like elance where someone will do something for you at the cost of $99  and you take your chances that you may or may not get what you paid for. So I finally bit the bullet and signed up in an effort to help my daughter out who needs an Ikea kitchen put together as soon as possible, especially since her dad may not be able to complete this task in his long list of other more important “to do’s”.  I signed-up and immediately got confirmation I could post my first task. I posted please put together an Ikea kitchen within 3 weeks. I selected all, so I could review the various bids. I have no idea what something like this costs, (but putting together Ikea furniture is the most requested task). Within 5 minutes I got three responses.  Wow! I was so excited to find out what this might cost and how soon someone could start helping. But these weren’t bids, they were questions and they kept coming. Questions like how many cabinets, screwed in the wall or not, plumbing needed or not, sink install or not, counter top included or not, make, model, and serial numbers, style, etc, etc., etc.. I knew none of the answers so I kept having to track down my husband or daughter or look something up myself in order to answer the rabbits. I still haven’t gotten a bid, but I figure the amount of time I put into trying to find someone to do the task by looking for answers to their questions , I might have been able to put together the damn cabinets myself!

xo, jan

Walking Business Lesson # 3

Everything you do from the uniforms your employees wear or what you wear yourself, to the font you use, to the colors you incorporate is part of your brand. I could write a huge post on this topic, but for now I want to stick to the branding lessons I learned on my walk.

As I passed a service truck for AC & Heating, I noticed the driver standing on the side of the street in uniform, (it had his name and the name of the company on his pocket), and he was literally acting like he was getting dressed for the day.  He unzipped his pants, pulled them down far enough for me to see his red undershorts and beer belly as he proceeded to try and tuck his shirt in, then finally pulled his pants back up, zipped and belted himself, slicked his hair back with the spit in his hand and as a final look, checked himself out in the side view mirror outside the car and walked into the establishment to make a “GOOD” impression. He made an impression alright!  I wouldn’t call it GOOD!

Further down the block, a little mom and pop store store selling sodas, chips, and various sundries including cigarettes has a blackboard easel type sign that posts various messages in chalk.  The first one I saw posted read something like “Bring your bitch in for a drink.”  ummmm, ok.  Don’t think I will be going there to spend my money.  The next post I saw on another day read something like, “You know you can’t, so let us help  you.  We have cigarettes.”  The last one I read said something like “If you want to get high, we have lighters”.  I can appreciate that the store is trying to be clever, but the message I am receiving is that this is a store I do not want to spend my money at.  I don’t think I like them, and they don’t have the same values I do. When you think about attracting your customers, you want to consider what message you are sending from a branding perspective.

xo, jan

xo, jan

Walking Business Lesson #2

Today on my walk I overheard an interesting conversation.  “So she wuz throwing things at me man, and then slammed the door! I busted a hole in the door, nearly broke my hand and she called the police! So I left and slept in my car for two days.  Next thing I knows is they are dragging my ass out and cuffing me and nows you are telling me I gotta pay this money when ……………”  It got me to thinking.  I ain’t got no troubles like this guy has troubles!

xo, jan